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Home Design For The Creatively Challenged: Finally Decorated My Entryway Table!

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Last year I sold my 2 bed 1 bath home and bought the townhouse I'm in now.

It's much larger and frankly intimidating to decorate. I have a lot of empty areas right now.

The entryway is what your guests see as soon as the door opens. So you want this space to be inviting.

If you're not an interior designer, like me, then social media is your best friend.

Follow some people that inspire you and grab ideas. Sometimes they may tag the store they purchased from.

Measure your space before you shop for furniture! Even online the dimensions are posted, so get as close to what will fit. Also read the reviews and look at the pictures other shoppers include. You would be surprised how the piece looks totally different than the image you see on the page.

Because of COVID many manufacturers have items on backorder. The brick and morter retail stores were shut down here in Southern California for a minute. This meant I had to obtain things mostly online one at a time, months in between. Then of course there's budget.

Being a single woman, I try to live within my means so that small inconveniences don't become tragic events if there is no money to cover them.

My table is the only "decorated" part of the total entryway right now. I think a nice piece of wall art and maybe a flush mounted chandelier will be next.

Trying to keep it Feng Shui bringing in good energy.

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MsVichy MS BA
MsVichy MS BA
Jan 10, 2021

I love this simple glam! It has elegance and good scale. Keep us posted!

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