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I am a single life expert using my experiences to teach other singles to live their lives confidently. From around the age of 13 - 30+ I was going about my dating life all wrong! My education, work-life and finances were pretty much on point. But my personal set back was wasting time entertaining the wrong people because I was made to feel as if being alone was a tragedy.


This is a no judgement zone. We are not forcing you to be married or to keep up with how many kids your friends have. Instead, we are creating our own agenda, dispelling societal myths and redefining the word Spinster.

I am a full-time employee in healthcare finance, entrepreneur and homeowner (I’ll explain why this is important in a minute.) while volunteering my time as a member of multiple organizations participating in community projects for over a decade.


The information I give is not to prepare you for a mate, but to ensure that you are thriving and whole in the meantime. Only you can define your meantime. Is that marriage or not? I don’t know. But we are celebrating our single life now.


I’ll let you in on how I learned to celebrate my single life.

  • I love documentaries and learning about why people do what they do; Crime stories, biopics etc.  

  • I don’t eat/like sweet potato pie

  • I literally listen to music ALL DAY


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